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10 New Storyarts...again...:P

I had a bad cold over the last two weeks, that's why I wasn't around that much.
But I feel better now and I can show more storyart I made as I was sick.

The first one is for hollydb again. The second up to the fifth are for an author named hotlipedjen1. The sixth and seventh are for icemink and the last three are for imbloodyenglish

(You can find them all under the fake cut)

There will be a lot more, so stay tuned...:D

Two Spuffy Manips

The first one I made for a challenge on devianART. I don't like the movie that much...but I had to make a Spuffy Style manip... :)
...and the other one I made for a storyart. I decided that it would look good as a wallpaper.

(...you can find them under the fake cut...)

I hope you like them...I'm working an a Buffy as Angel manip...cross your fingers... :)


Icons - Buffy, Spike, and Spuffy

Hi, sorry that it has taken me so long to post again, but RL is hectic. I finally made some holiday icons (and a Buffy banner) to post. Some are from older manips I've already posted and all are work-safe. I'm only linking to two of my journal entries because they're the ones with Spuffy, but they also include other couples/characters/actors. Enjoy!

-Please credit me and tell me if you take anything.
-For icons made from my manips, please write:
manip and icon made by lone_starling88
-Don't alter my art in any way, this includes my manips.
-Comments are love.

Thank you!!


Naughty than Nice - Buffy Naughty than Nice - Spike_1 Naughty than Nice - SpuffyKiss_1 Naughty Buffy - 2a Bah, Humbug_Spike

'I'd rather have the naughty...'

'Take me home and unwrap me...'