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my king 3 [thorin]

A Spuffy manip

This manip was inspired by and made for nekid_spike's Spike Goes On A Road Trip -prompt. I thought the prompt was totally made of awesome, but still managed to completely forget about it until the very last minute. Yay me! *rolls eyes* And so I was in a hurry, and me and hurrying sort of get on each other's nerves. Plus I'm like the slowest manipper ever, so the results are, er, what they are... But I found the said prompt to be too wonderful to miss out on, and I really wanted to participate, so behind the cut Spike goes on a road trip with Buffy.

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I'm Back....YAY!!!!!!!!!

I finally had some time for me and I used it...:)

I made three wallpapers in the last two days...I know that they are not my best but I'm still trying...and hey I'm back at least...:D

( Wallpapers under the fake cut...because one isn't worksafe )

I hope you like them...and I try to make some moving icons later today...so stay tuned...:)