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Every Night I Save You

I had to make this....:)
Years have come and go...and the Sunnydalecrater had become a lake.
Right there, Buffy mourned for her peroxide blond vampire....every night!
She didn't know that he is back and watched her.....every night!
She remembers his words as she comes back from the dead

Dozens of times, lots of different ways ...
Every night I save you

( Spuffy under the fake cut )

10 New Storyarts...again...:P

I had a bad cold over the last two weeks, that's why I wasn't around that much.
But I feel better now and I can show more storyart I made as I was sick.

The first one is for hollydb again. The second up to the fifth are for an author named hotlipedjen1. The sixth and seventh are for icemink and the last three are for imbloodyenglish

(You can find them all under the fake cut)

There will be a lot more, so stay tuned...:D