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my king 3 [thorin]

A Spuffy manip

This manip was inspired by and made for nekid_spike's Spike Goes On A Road Trip -prompt. I thought the prompt was totally made of awesome, but still managed to completely forget about it until the very last minute. Yay me! *rolls eyes* And so I was in a hurry, and me and hurrying sort of get on each other's nerves. Plus I'm like the slowest manipper ever, so the results are, er, what they are... But I found the said prompt to be too wonderful to miss out on, and I really wanted to participate, so behind the cut Spike goes on a road trip with Buffy.

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~ Spike mini-banners & sidebar piccies ~

Hey guys! I posted some spike mini-banners a wee while ago, which seemed to go down ok with ye all, so now ive made more! *skips* Ive also resized each of these so that they can fit in your sidebar, should you wish to stick em there lol. Just one more thing you can use these for i guess :P

If you'd like any of these personalised, just shout!

Theres 7 spike/spuffy & 7 scrubs ones, in both sizes, so go nuts! Please comment if taking, and id love to know which ones you like too, for  future reference. :) Hope you liiiiiiike! *bounces*

All worksafe!

~ Clickie Clickie ~

my king 3 [thorin]

Movie Poster Spuffy Manips

After falling in love with maharet83 's stunning The Black Dahlia manip I thought I'd post something movie related too. These are Spuffy (surprise, surprise!) and to stay true to my policy of stumbling recklessly between styles, themes and tunes these are completely different from what I've posted so far. Hope you still like them, though... :)

See them here at my journal.