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  • tamakin

~ Still Death - spike manip ~

Haiiii everybody! I come with manip!

Hehehe ok, id intended for this to be an uber dark dark slave!spike pic with blood n scars n shit...... and then i kinda liked his back without all the wounds too much lol! *trails spine*

Anyhoos! This is totally free and snaggable n all that, if youd like it personalised or made into icons/banners, just ask! :D 

NOT worksafe, but no danglies (just arse!).

~ Still Death ~



~ The Silent Warrior - spike manip ~

Hey guys!
Ive been making this one for a wee while, took me 5834038 years to match the skin tones as they are now, though im still not happy lol (the base was b/w). This is dedicated to the awesome lil bundle of happiness that is kellykcmom, for her birthday. :)

Anyhoos, theres two versions, one for just teh kelly, and one snaggable. If you'd like it customised with your name though, ill ask kelly first, as tis her dedication. :)

NOT worksafe! But no danglies :P

~ The Silent Warrior ~


~ Purpolapse - spike manip ~

Haiii guys!! Hope ye are all havin a grand n dandy weekend!

I gots spike manip for yeh! *skips* This one is er.... also... an uber late bday pressie for the rockin purpledodah . This manip is one id promised purpledodah for like forever, cause purple is her fav colour. :)

Its winged!spike! WHOOT!! So, since it was made for purpledodah, peeps can save and lookie, but if any personalisation requests come along, ill ask her permission for first. :)

Erm.... technically not worksafe, though you cant see much :P

~ Purpolapse ~


~ Possession is Nine-Tenths - spike manip ~

Hee! Hey guys, i cometh with more spike manip :P.
This one is dedicated to the darlin that is snogged as an uuuber late birthday present. So i thought id post it round in case folks wanna get the eyeful lol! It's free to save to your comp n stuff, but no personalisations k guys. :) Its for teh snogged baby :P

Anyhoos, on wiv the spike! Oh! Ill be flocking this up in a few days, because of its non-worksafe content, hope thats alrighty. :)
NOT WORKSAFE, but no danglies

~ Possession is Nine-Tenths ~