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I'm Back....YAY!!!!!!!!!

I finally had some time for me and I used it...:)

I made three wallpapers in the last two days...I know that they are not my best but I'm still trying...and hey I'm back at least...:D

( Wallpapers under the fake cut...because one isn't worksafe )

I hope you like them...and I try to make some moving icons later today...so stay tuned...:)


New Wallpaper

Some of you already know that I changed the layout of my homepage Lost In Translations...and more and that I'm a little bit proud of the header.

So I decided to make a wallpaper and here it is under the fake cut:

( Wild Passion )

Oh before I forget...burnkitty let me know that my "Writers Block" Icon is too big for LJ...so I changed the size.

Sorry for that...!

Spuffy Flame

After a week of horror....

...I had some time for me today...THANK GOD!
I hate it when I didn't get some time for making manips and stuff.
I hope that the next week will be a bit quiter and not so stressy like the last.


Today I worked on a storyart for an author called AnniePants and I made two manips for this one...I will show you the storyarts in my next post...I only wanted to show you this wallpaper:

( Obsession )

I tried something new in this one


New Spuffy Wallpaper...

...and eight new storyarts...:)

I made this manip for spikesserenity's fic Forward in Reverse"...the storyart isn't finished yet...but I love my manip that much that I decided to make a wall out of it...like I mostly do...lol

...and I finished eight more storyarts...most of them are for xela_fic and one is for spikesserenity

( Wall and storyarts under the fake cut )

I hope you all like what I did...and stay tuned for more in the next couple of days....:)