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Icons - Buffy, Spike, and Spuffy

Hi, sorry that it has taken me so long to post again, but RL is hectic. I finally made some holiday icons (and a Buffy banner) to post. Some are from older manips I've already posted and all are work-safe. I'm only linking to two of my journal entries because they're the ones with Spuffy, but they also include other couples/characters/actors. Enjoy!

-Please credit me and tell me if you take anything.
-For icons made from my manips, please write:
manip and icon made by lone_starling88
-Don't alter my art in any way, this includes my manips.
-Comments are love.

Thank you!!


Naughty than Nice - Buffy Naughty than Nice - Spike_1 Naughty than Nice - SpuffyKiss_1 Naughty Buffy - 2a Bah, Humbug_Spike

'I'd rather have the naughty...'

'Take me home and unwrap me...'
Tags: artwork, icons, lone_starling88, spike/buffy, worksafe

  • 2 manips

    both worksafe. ( 1 dean/buffy & 1 sam/faith )

  • manip

    previews 1 dean/buffy (spn/btvs cross-over) and 1 alec/max (dark angel) ( click me to view )

  • 11 manips! (xover spn/btvs)

    9 sam/buffy, 1 sam/faith, 1 sam/faith/buffy all work-safe. << preview ( seek me for solace )

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