Mary (mary5958) wrote in btvsats_manips,

New Dawn Manip - Worksafe

I've had this base on my computer for a couple of years, just longing for a new face. When I finally snagged a couple of hours for myself (I've been very occupied with family the last few weeks), I granted its wish. Hope you like! And why, yes, of course it's big!! :-)

Music Reveals the Soul – see full size here.

Music Reveals the Soul

Tags: dawn, manip, mary5958, worksafe

  • 2 manips

    both worksafe. ( 1 dean/buffy & 1 sam/faith )

  • manip

    previews 1 dean/buffy (spn/btvs cross-over) and 1 alec/max (dark angel) ( click me to view )

  • 11 manips! (xover spn/btvs)

    9 sam/buffy, 1 sam/faith, 1 sam/faith/buffy all work-safe. << preview ( seek me for solace )

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